Jazykový kurz v Torquay

Děti napsaly:

We were on an amazing school trip to Britain last week. Our journey took us about 14 hours. It was so long! I didn´t sleep well so I was very tired in the morning and I think I was not the only one. We travelled by ferry across the Channel la Manche. When we arrived to Torquay, we visited Living Coast Zoo and we walked around the harbour too. The host families, school and afternoon trips were still ahead of us. ……..  I really enjoyed the whole trip. The journey was long but England was perfect. The school was amazing. The teachers were so kind to us and helpfull. Our host family was good – tastefull food, but they didnt talk to us as much as I expected. The trips to Dartmoor and Morwellham were the best for me and the other trips were really nice too. We had a pleasant guide. I think I have improved my English and this journey was useful for me and the others.

Kateřina Kolářová 8.A

One day we went on a whole day trip to a historic village Morwellham. There we were in a historic Victorian school, they told us a lot of information about school. Then we went for a ride to a copper mine. It was interesting. We also made our chocolate lollipops, they were really good and tasty. We also tried old Victorian clothes and that was very funny.

Stela Trnobranská 6.A

My favourite trip was to Dartmoor. There was a beatiful landscape and when we climbed on some high rocks – Haytor we had a realy nice view. According to legend there lived the dog – The Hound of the Baskervilles. But we saw only some wild ponnies, cows and sheep. The same day we tasted cream tea – black tea with milk and scone with jam and cream. That was in the village called  Widecombe.